Automation Testing

Selenium Testing

Selenium automates browsers and therefore we conduct Selenium testing to make sure your software meets the specifications as promised by your vendors. This authentication helps with the proper functioning of the software. We test all the parameters such as data transfer, speed, bandwidth, efficiency and reliability across two or more devices for comparison and testing.

  • We enhance product quality with Selenium testing
  • Our processes save time and effort of our clients
  • We help save costs with efficient automated testing
  • Our processes can save a lot of costs with repetitive testing processes
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API Automation Testing

To make sure that our client’s software runs in an efficient manner and uninterruptedly,API testing is done by our experts considering the present IT environment of our client’s business. We skillfully determine through API testing that whatever is built is functioning properly under any given circumstances.

  • Delivery as expected and as desired
  • Monitor production end-points to manage pitfalls or breakdowns before customer notices it
  •  Data access guaranteed with high quality product delivery
  • Optimized functionality makes easy future use and expansion of applications
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Performance Testing

Our extensive experience across various verticals and use of cutting edge technology makes us one of the most trusted partners when it comes to performance testing. Our comprehensive performance testing helps our clients make applications and solutions more reliable with a lot of scalability and strength to sustain in the market.

  • A thorough analysis to recommend particular performance testing options
  • Performance testing exclusively for apps
  • Recommendation of right research methodologies and tools for performance testing
  • Convenient pay methods as per requirement
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Load / Stress Testing

We conduct a thorough check-up of all the systems and software to see whether they perform well in stressful and adverse conditions. Our expertise help determine the factors that cause actual degradation. Beyond the limits of normal operation we do stress testing to analyze the strength of the software.

  • Enhance deployment quality
  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • App scalability increases
  • Mitigate performance risks
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