Compatibility Testing

Browser Compatibility

In today’s digital world the access to each product has increased and so have the challenges. The customers are smarter as much as their smart phones and sometimes their gadgets outdo them. In order to survive in this tough competitive market, it is important that each product that you come up with is compatible on various platforms, across various apps and mobile phones in the market.

That is why team QA India delves deeper into compatibility testing for a through fool-proof check, so that our solutions are made available to our customers anywhere, anytime across any device.

Browser Compatibility

The browser is the window to your solutions and we do not compromise on the choice that any user would want to make to view the product. Thus our products are thoroughly tested for all-competitive browser compatibility to make sure they never miss out on your business benefits.

Operating System

With versatility in operating systems and constantly evolving technological innovations, we constantly upgrade our solutions as we think ahead of time and are always prepared for the big change. So be it any operating system, our experts and cutting edge technologies enable it to take on any OS for uninterrupted operations and thus your business too. We undertake comprehensive OS compatibility testing to make sure the product withstands all operating systems that can allow it to perform it to its optimum level.

Mobile Browsing

Any website if not compatible or viewable on a mobile is as good as being redundant. We therefore make sure that each of our website application is mobile compatible and that people can access your website on their smart phones with good visibility and easy navigation. The technologies that we deploy are sophisticated and less complicated. Therefore the users can easily use the phone to super-app experience.


As much as browsing and using apps is important and the compatibility matters a lot; printing and its compatibility matters a lot too. What print options do you have, how well is your managed print service and most importantly are your software and other solutions print-compatible? If there is no compatibility, the printing environment needs to be upgraded or at least the solutions need to be designed that go well with the printing options in the organization. We look into the print- compatibility that can help remove such obstacles.

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