Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team / Permanent Hire

Have a dedicated resource work exclusively for you for a longer duration and have focused work done. We offer another option for hiring, wherein you can choose to hire the best of our professionals for your work on a project basis on location.

Exclusive Resources

As per your need, we have come up with different resource-allotment models such as flexible, pay per hour and also hire-permanent resources. We provide the best of talent exclusively to work for you full time to give you outstanding services in software.

Permanent Hire Till the Project Lasts

Our innovative approach to work shows through our resource hiring business models too. And we extend the facility to hire permanent resources for our clients till the project lasts. Our team is an extension of your own business till the time they are with you.

Long Term Outsourcing

If the project extends and our clients need to hire resources for long term projects, we have created resources for that as well. Our clients can permanently hire resources from TalentXpert for longer duration projects too. This also facilitates consistent performance from resources that deliver better results.

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