Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important function of Digital marketing and we focus on how to make it a meaningful channel of communication. We make it dynamic and versatile such that you achieve your objectives through our email-marketing strategies.


QA India Digital marketing team takes special efforts in enhancing the email marketing efforts by way of creating valuable content throughout the campaigns; it being the best way to reach the most potential customers that are then likely to convert. This helps create a long-term relationship with the clients.

Know your customers well

Knowing your customers help us devise better campaigns and efforts that help them stay longer. This involves having a meaningful conversation with your clients.

A/B testing

We carry out A/B testing and the results are enormously positive. It’s like giving more attention to what your user needs and they respond amicably. This is a reliable strategy and we deploy it with our client’s product with measurable results.

Measuring ROI

Without knowing the outcome it is not possible to assess whether the strategies deployed are working in favour of the product campaigns. Hence to measure the success rate we undertake full-fledged ROI analysis to understand whether the deployed strategies are working to the effect.

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