Hourly-Monthly Resources

Hourly-Monthly Resources

We extend our expertise in various ways so that you get the best of our services anytime, anywhere and in the most feasible manner. We provide an opportunity to let you have resources as per you needs and pay only for those resources.

Fixed our Hourly Basis

We have created a model that enables customized hiring of resources. This allows our clients to benefit from the flexibility of getting an opportunity to hire resources as per their needs.

Pay as Per The Need

This flexible and convenient model of business allows our customers to not only hire as per their needs, but also pay as per the actual hours of engagement of the resources.

Save Costs with flexible and feasible pay options

The best thing about this business model is its flexibility and feasibility in terms of costs. Our clients benefit from saving a lot of costs as they pay for actual number of hours that the resources work for and the flexible model allows them the freedom to hire as they want and when they want.

Accountability and Transparency

The flexible model for hiring resources not only saves costs but it also creates transparency, thus leading to accountability of services.

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