Manual Testing

Usability Testing

Testing the usability of a product is like making sure what you have done is the right thing after all

Usability testing is a very crucial aspect of software testing procedure. It forms the testing ground of how the customer will perceive the product overall and what could be the possible errors or difficulties the customer might face. This stage helps in evaluating the true value of a product for its utility purpose. Our expertise allows us to know the pain-points in any product and have t exactly works and what should be avoided for releasing a perfect product in the market.

  • Effectiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Clear instructions
  • Goals achievement
  • Clear navigation
  • Consistency
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Compatibility Testing

In today’s digital world the access to each product has increased and so have the challenges. The customers are smarter as much as their smart phones and sometimes their gadgets outdo them. In order to survive in this tough competitive market, it is important that each product that you come up with is compatible on various platforms, across various apps and mobile phones in the market.

That is why team QA India delves deeper into compatibility testing for a through fool-proof check, so that our solutions are made available to our customers anywhere, anytime across any device.

  • Web Browser Testing
  • OS Testing
  • Mobile Browsing Testing
  • Print Testing
  • Performance Testing
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Security Testing

There can be no compromise when it comes to security. Successful businesses can run uninterrupted only in fully secure environments ensured with all the necessary precautions that can avoid or repair any damage instantly.

  • Identification of loopholes
  • Manual Testing to identify vulnerabilities
  • System Software Testing for basic testing
  • Dynamic Testing to identify high-end issues
  • Application Testing to determine a secure environment
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Regression Testing

For regression testing one needs a strong and experienced partner to make quick and accurate changes. Adapting changes without disrupting the performance or interrupting business is the real challenge.

  • Uncover new software bugs
  • Detailed and informed tracing of probable problems
  • Database and OS updates
  • Changes without disruption
  • Enhancing the existing applications
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QA Policy and Strategy

QA adds value to Testing processes and completes the ecosystem of testing process in every way. We create sound strategies to streamline QA for our clients. Our policies are in-line with their business objectives to make the processes more robust.

  • Deploying best practices in QA
  • Assistance in enhancing cost efficiencies of QA practices
  • Resources dedicated to managing QA functions
  • Streamlining processes to apply QA for complex projects
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