Project Consultancy

Project Architecture Service

As project consultants we analyze all the aspects and details to create a systematic blue- print of the design and architecture at an early stage. Developers can then use the blue-print to develop the system, thus saving time and costs to a great extent. Here is what sets us apart as efficient project architecture consultants:-

  • Establish design aspect of systems
  • Create a roadmap structure for various factors such as allocation to assemblies, run-time processes etc.
  • Lay the foundation for identity management, security authentication and transaction management
  • Achieve milestones within a short time of consultancy
  • Ready blue print for developers to use right away to build the systems
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Coding Standard and Practices

Coding is at the heart of any application. The entire functioning of an app is dependent on the quality and expertise of the coder. We build this code with all our experience and vision put together to make a robust application. Here is why our coding is one of the best in the industries:-

  • Optimization and utilization of OOP principles
  • No deviation from OOP protocol whatsoever
  • Project implementation strictly done under proven and industry standard practices
  • Our consultants work one-on-one with the project team to decide the best coding practices
  • Introducing of coding principles step-by-step until the entire coding system is established
  • As session of 90 minutes is conducted by our consultants week
  • Follow up of the established codes per week
  • Feedback session to review and improve coding if necessary
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Review and Improvement Suggestions

We review the code as a standard practice to see to it that the coding is actually working efficiently as planned and that is it compatible with other changes in the system. We continue to assist our clients as their technology partners. We review code and provide feedback:-

  • To assess whether the code continues to meet industry standards
  • Use of OOP and OOD principles
  • To maintain the planned code structure
  • Tool suggestions to improve the existing code
  • ┬áNew technology to enhance the existing code
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Project Coaching

As consultants we extend our role through project coaching to facilitate knowledge-sharing for developers to have all the know-how to deal with any future problems or challenges.

  • Selecting the best architecture ensure that the product is based on a very solid ground
  • Setting up coding structures and coaching the team to make sure they are following standards
  • Team training if required
  • Our consultants also coach to see how newer technologies can be adapted and embedded in the applications
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