Resource Outsourcing

ODC (Outsourced Development Center)

Whether our team is on location or offshore, our performance protocol helps us maintain consistent, high-quality performance from across the globe. Our clients trust us with our quality and quick delivery, whether we are based in India, Pune or whether our team is working from some other part of the globe.

  • 24 hour workday to speed up application development
  • End-to-end product development expertise
  • Quality assurance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technical and non-technical customer support
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Hourly / Monthly Resources

We extend our expertise in various ways so that you get the best of our services anytime, anywhere and in the most feasible manner. We provide an opportunity to let you have resources as per you needs and pay only for those resources. Our resource-allotment model is a differentiator that helps you save time and money :-

  • Hire resources on a fixed or hourly basis
  • Quote is directly based on the actual number of hours of work
  • Feasible pay models
  • Our pay model makes for accountability and thus transparency
  • Identify the tasks that are taking up unnecessary time and effort
  • Save costs with our flexible options pay per hour
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Dedicated Team / Permanent Hire

Have a dedicated resource work exclusively for you for a longer duration and have focused work done. We offer another option for hiring, wherein you can choose to hire the best of our professionals for your work on a project basis on location.

  • We provide crème of experts to work exclusively for you
  • 100% percent dedicated resources for your business and work
  • Permanent hire till the project is over
  • Have team as an extension of your own business
  • Project based long term outsourcing
  • Better performance over a longer period of time consistently
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