Software Development

Web Application

Our aim is to humanize technology and thus we exemplify great passion to optimize technology for business benefits.

Web development and application adds value to your website as per the requirement of the business. This is crucial to make your online presence very robust, impactful and most importantly bring in more business. Web application is the building force of the digital world. A definitive and structured plan that includes strategy, design, implementation and testing is the true way to build the best application.

QA India partner with you throughout the journey of the app to achieve best results :

  • A definitive roadmap to help follow standard procedures
  • Strong research-base to understand the requirement thoroughly
  • Customizing solutions to help suit the needs of the client
  • Use of cutting edge technology to build a robust app
  • Create high-value solutions in low costs
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UI Development

We make your apps as intuitive as possible to deliver a super user-experience for your customers.

UI is not merely a technology it is an experience in itself. A robust UI makes for a great technology experience. The success-journey of an app starts with a super-fine user experience. An app’s interface, its look-and-feel and its usability including its user-friendliness is the life of an app and decides its market value as much as its technology does. We therefore invest our talent in building outstanding UI to make it most appealing and useful at the same time.

  • Easy interface
  • Agility
  • Solution oriented
  • Value for business
  • Responsive
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Mobile Application

We mobilize business with highly secure and versatile mobile apps

Mobile App is one of the most enterprising technologies we have today. The apps not only offer you unique flexibility, but they also facilitate customer engagement and high rate of conversions. Mobile apps have taken your work outside the four walls of your office and they offer the unique opportunity to connect whenever, wherever amid your entire work-force across boundaries and also with your clients. Thus a mobile application has clearly become a decision-making factor for businesses today.

Here is how you benefit from our services :

  • Faster accessibility with high-end technology
  • Agility like never before to make quick decisions
  • Secure Access to protect sensitive data
  • Native Windows, iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • User interface
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Product Development

Identifying the potential of innovation is at the core of our product development process

New products in today’s times are accepted easily if they have a unique character and an innovative offer to make. How can a product make a difference to an enterprise is what we see while developing We often address this aspect while developing each and every product. To understand the real need of the product and based upon the current market trends, we do intensive research to arrive at a conclusion in order to devise a solution in the form of a product.

  • Vision for products
  • Analysis of requirement
  • Design and architecture
  • Testing
  • Mobile-friendly product development
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