New Era of Testing

IOT TESTING – New Era of Testing!

Internet of Thing (IOT) is changing the world in both ideation as well as practice by transforming the way businesses are performing together. It has become the biggest software testing opportunity of all time. It’s accelerating the present technical world proficiency to make future digital world a reality. As IOT has brought new challenges for developers and software testers, and hence enforcing them to enhance their skills to deliver top-notch and quality assured software. With the diverse set of products entering in IOT market, QA team needs to efficiency make the best test management strategy to viably meet the quality standard of the products. As we can see that the present market is speedly adapting IOT and leveraging it for better results, there are few core features which led to this acceptance of IOT in market, let’s have a look at them:

  • Increase of various protocols
  • Proficient machine to machine communication
  • Overall smart working and living
  • Unification of multiple embedded devices


Security & data privacy : Approaching security sustainability across various layers of IOT framework is a big challenge.

Real time Complexity : The use cases IOT has are complex, and IOT has multiple real time scenarios to deal with.

Dynamic Environment : Unlike application testing which is performed in a definite environment, IOT has a vast quantity of sensors & gadgets combined with intelligent software’s hence giving IOT a dynamic environment.

Expertise in Automation : Automation has become a serious challenge due to multiple scenarios and dependency on devices & sensors.

Scalability of the System : Building an environment for testing the functionality along with scalability and consistency is a big challenge.


To condense the complexity of IOT testing process, testers can insinuate 5 types of testing:

Security Testing : Testing of information security, confidentiality, & reliability of the system for quality of IOT environment.

Performance Testing : This test is to make sure that an application can deal with anticipated increase in client’s activity, information value, data exchange frequency and so on, hence addressing the scalability issues.

Compatibility Testing : Hardware compatibility, encryption checks & security standards from the device layer to the network layer is tested in this type of testing.

Expertise in Automation : Automation has become a serious challenge due to multiple scenarios and dependency on devices & sensors.

User Experience Testing : Testers analyses user’s experience back end as well as front end based on data gathered. This will ensure a great user experience and address the difficulties that arises due to usability.

Exploratory Testing : The testers performs exploratory testing to check and ensure how the application will work with real time users and it meets the real time complexities.


Well after exploring the above fun and important facts about IOT testing you can see the challenges every business who uses or wants to use IOT applications will face or can face. QA INDIA company based out in India and expertise’s in all sorts of testing follows a thorough QA strategy to handle the unique requirement and challenges associated with IOT applications. Our test automation system provides the capabilities to perform extreme automation.

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