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Next Gen Codeless Automation Testing Tool For Web Apps.

Increase Web UI Testing Quality with automation testing tool, Accelerate Delivery at reduced cost.
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Now you can automate website testing work that you hate to do manually with codeless automation testing tool.
Web UI Testing
Select the steps to automate repeated tasks so your team doesn’t have to think about them.
Run From Anywhere
Eliminate complex setups and frameworks. Hybrid installations for better productivity and efficiency.
Debug Fast & Release
Write and execute single/multiple test individually and add to test cycle only once it works.
Boost ROI Automation
Achieve Better Resource Utilization with Codeless Automation Testing Tool and Increases Productivity by 300%.
Real Time Reports
Get 100% visual step-by-step understanding by playing the step preview in just one click with automation testing.
User Acceptance Testing
UAT feature allows better collaboration between development team and client without much effort.
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Codeless automation testing tool has emerged as a powerful solution for testing Web applications, offering efficiency, scalability, and ease of use, Watch full Demo Video For More Info.Now you can automate website testing work that you hate to do manually with codeless automation testing tool. Write powerful tests in a readable English-like language using a predefined set of commands. 100% codeless!
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The testing services from QAIndia have truly impressed us. Their proficiency in both automated and manual testing has ensured the high quality and reliability of our eClinical software.Their comprehensive approach, including usability, compatibility, security, and regression testing, has significantly improved our applications' performance. The timely delivery of results and detailed reports provided critical insights for our development process.
QAIndia’s testing services have been outstanding. Their expertise in both automated and manual testing ensured our Clinical trial software's quality and reliability.
They provided thorough usability, compatibility, security, and regression testing, greatly enhancing our applications' performance. Their timely results and detailed reports were invaluable.
We highly recommend QAIndia Testing and IT Company for top-notch testing solutions.
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TestNinja Web App Testing doesn’t require any commitment. Clients can decide when to start and when to end execution based on their requirements.
Clients will pay only for real work that will be based on numbers of test steps executed within a month. No work in a month means no payment.
TestNinja takes less than 50% time to execute the same number of test cases when automation tests dominate manual tests.
Clients can decide on test execution based on current health of application and what test needs to run so they know the exact budget.
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